Where Activists are Making a Difference

Europe is the world's most active region in passing whistleblower laws and establishing protection systems. Efforts are underway In nearly every country to strengthen rights, protect whistleblowers from retaliation
and act on their disclosures.

We can provide you with complete and current information on these and other national and regional campaigns, as well as contact information for activists, organizations, journalists and experts.

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Activists who successfully campaigned for Albania's first whistleblower law have developed a citizen's guide to help people expose crime and public health threats.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to a two-year international campaign, activists have won major victories in the Tuzla Kvarc retaliation case, among Europe's most brutal in recent years.


The Center for the Study of Democracy and the SE Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection are calling for a law in a country with among Europe's weakest protections.


GONG, Center for Peace Studies and Human Rights House Zagreb are supporting whistleblowers and leading civil society efforts to pass Croatia's first whistleblower law.

Czech Republic

WBcz and the SE Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection are holding to account officials who pledged to pass a whistleblower law, with nothing to show for it.


The ECWR is engaging policy-makers to pass a whistleblower law to correct major problems that officials admit exist. Finland's Union of Journalists backs the effort.


A large NGO coalition embarked on a successful campaign to pass France's first comprehensive whistleblower law. The ECWR has joined efforts to monitor the new system.


The ECWR is urging elected officials to pass a whistleblower law in Germany, which has among the weakest protections and systems in all of Europe.


The Center for Development of Non-Governmental Organizations is supporting whistleblowers, investigating cases and monitoring a new protection system.


The ECWR is monitoring a new whistleblower protection system and proposing improvements to the Dutch "House of Whistleblowers."


The RISE Project and Romanian Academic Society are investigating cases under continental Europe's oldest whistleblower law, which suffers from poor enforcement.


A coalition of several NGOs including the Stefan Batory Foundation have proposed a whistleblower protection law after many years of political inaction and public apathy


Pistaljka, the Center for Investigative Journalism and the SE Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection are monitoring cases under a new whistleblower system.


Xnet is campaigning for Spain's first whistleblower law, maintains an encrypted whistleblower system, and helped the city of Barcelona set up its own platform.


Findings of a report co-authored by the ECWR's Mark Worth are being marshaled to reform the UK's whistleblower law, which provides very weak protections.


The NGO coalition Initiative 11 is leading civil society efforts to pass Ukraine's first whistleblower protection law, which was submitted to Parliament in 2016.


The ECWR is supporting Greek policy-makers and the OECD to develop the country’s first whistleblower law, as part of a broad-based anti-corruption initiative.


K-Monitor and the ECWR have exposed major flaws with Hungary's whistleblower system, such as forwarding reports to the same officials accused of corruption.


FOL Movement and SE Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection are urging officials to strengthen legal rights and protect tax evasion whistleblower Murat Mehmeti.


Transparency International Ireland, which led the campaign to pass a comprehensive whistleblower law, supports whistleblowers and monitors the new system.


Restarting the Future and Transparency International Italia collected 65,000 signatures in a successful campaign to pass Italy's first whistleblower law in 2017.


The ECWR is engaging with elected officials and policy-makers to pass a draft whistleblower law approved by the Cabinet and submitted to Parliament in 2017.


SCOOP and Transparency International-Macedonia are leading the efforts to investigate whistleblower cases and protect the identity of people who expose corruption.


Activists who successfully campaigned for Moldova's first whistleblower protections are supporting whistleblowers while calling for a comprehensive law to be passed.