The voice of whistleblowers in Europe

The European Center for Whistleblower Rights is dedicated to strengthening whistleblower protections and ensuring that the crime and public health dangers exposed by whistleblowers are investigated and remedied.


  • advocate for stronger legal rights and protections

  • receive whistleblower disclosures

  • assist and support whistleblowers

  • investigate cases and retaliation complaints

  • advocate for reforms based on disclosures

  • advocate for guilty parties to be held to account

  • work with journalists to publicize cases

  • monitor enforcement of whistleblower laws

  • promote whistleblowing as an anti-corruption tool

  • advise policy-makers and elected officials

Executive Director Mark Worth has been working with whistleblowers for more than 30 years – as an investigative journalist, campaigner, legal and policy advisor, researcher, and spokesperson for the international whistleblower movement. He has advised and supported hundreds of whistleblowers, investigated their cases and advocated for reforms and justice based on their disclosures.

Mark has worked for many European and international NGOs and many media companies. He has consulted governments and organizations in all regions, including the UN, European Commission, APEC and OECD.

Mark is always available to assist citizens with any issue, case or concern – with professionalism and patience.

Reach Mark at::
(+49) 176 630 94993 – Berlin, Germany
Also Facebook and LinkedIn

Mark Worth, Executive Director

Mark Worth,
Executive Director