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The European Center for Whistleblower Rights is led by some of the most respected leaders in the fields of whistleblowing, freedom of speech, and anti-corruption. We have built the largest network of activists, journalists, attorneys, investigators, NGOs and public policy experts in Europe – all dedicated to supporting citizen crime-fighters, campaigning for strong whistleblower rights, and holding criminals to account.

Mark Worth photo - Athens - cropped.jpeg
Mark Worth
Executive Director

Mark has been working with whistleblowers and citizen crime-fighters for more than 35 years – as a whistlelower caseworker, activist, investigative journalist, and legal and policy advisor. He has advised and supported hundreds of whistleblowers, investigated their cases, and advocated for reforms and justice based on their disclosures.

He has held leadership positions at many NGOs including Transparency International in Berlin and Public Citizen in Washington, DC. He has co-founded many NGOs including Whistleblowing International, the Center for Whistleblower Rights & Rewards, and the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection.

Mark was a member of the UN Expert Group on Whistleblowing and has been an advisor to the European Commission, UNODC, Council of Europe, OECD and APEC. He has advised many countries on whistleblower practice and has helped write many successful whistleblower laws.

He founded two award-winning news magazines and has written for many publications and media companies, including The New York Times Co.

Theo AML bild 2.jpg
Theo Nyreröd
Senior Advisor - Legal and Research 

Theo is a doctoral researcher at Brunel Law School in London. Prior, he was a research assistant at the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics.

His Ph.D. thesis explores how to effectively design whistleblower laws to enhance compliance, focusing on protections under the EU whistleblowing Directive and the US approach that provides monetary rewards and compensation to public interest whistleblowers.

Theo has authored numerous research reports and policy briefs on the topic and presented at international conferences, seminars, and for public officials and the private sector.

In addition to numerous book chapters and conference papers, he has published on the topic of whistleblowers in journals such as Regulation and Governance and Journal of Money Laundering Control, and with Cambridge University Press.

photo Kara Liblick_edited.jpg
Kara Liblick
Whistleblower Caseworker

Kara has combined her psychology and global governance background with
real-world experience as a crisis counselor. She has worked primarily on the subject of sexual violence with the Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict (IMPACT) in the Netherlands, where she drafted the organization’s Integrity Protocol.

Wendy Addison photo.jpg
Wendy Addison
Advisor - Whistleblower Support

Wendy has worked as a consultant and advisor for OECD. She was nominated by the OECD for the UNODC Lifetime Outstanding Achievement Award for her work on anti-corruption and whistleblower protection. Her papers on fighting corruption have been published by the OECD and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.

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